Hey there, Welcome to Blu Jean Blues boutique, where we celebrate YOU! - the grown and sexy woman who knows that fashion isn't just about what you wear; it's about how it makes you feel. Nestled right here in Royal Oak, Michigan, our boutique is your go-to destination for quality, elegance, and the kind of style that's uniquely you.

My Journey 🛍️

My journey started with a vision – over 16 years ago where the dream was to make my love for fashion and the desire to share my passion for unique clothing, to venture out to start my first business Knot About ME Boutique, in Oak Park, MI, This boutique was started with the understanding (and still true today) that the items chosen are not about me but are selected with my customers in mind. 

Knot About ME boutique fully came to life after I was laid off from my automotive corporate career as a Senior Buyer with a company, I worked for over 10 years.  After this devasting blow and during the downturn in the economy, I decided to dive deeper into my business and work full time pursuing my passion for fashion.  

In November 2011 I wanted more, so the venture continued and after much thought I opened a storefront business in Royal Oak, MI.  This is where Blu Jean Blues boutique was born, where we wanted to bring my love for the color Blu and love for jeans to life! We always celebrate the color Blu (navy) due to its timelessness and versatility in fashion, then add unique jeans to compliment any look you desire. You are guaranteed to find something in Blu when you search our collections.

Through the years my business has been a true blessing to me, I have been blessed to build a team and we have met some Awesome women whom we have dressed for many events, i.e., weddings, baby showers, first dates, movie premieres, concerts and so much more.  

We have curated a collection over the years that celebrates the beauty of women and embraces timeless style. We've handpicked pieces that not only enhance your wardrobe but empower you to express your confidence and grace with every outfit.

Our Philosophy

Sis, we're not just a boutique; we're a sisterhood of women destined to live out our journey.  Our philosophy centers around inclusivity, celebrating your unique beauty, and inspiring self-assurance through fashion. We believe that every outfit should make you feel confident, fierce, fabulous, and undeniably unique, no matter your age or background.

Why Choose Us 🌟

Quality Reigns Supreme: We're all about quality, from luxurious fabrics to impeccable craftsmanship. Our collections are made to stand the test of time.

Unparalleled Selection: We travel the world to find exclusive pieces that radiate the essence of excellence. Our collection is curated with you in mind, offering styles that truly represent our diverse and exquisite beauty.

Personalized Love: At Blu Jean Blues Boutique, you're not just a customer; you're our sister. Our dedicated team is here to provide exceptional customer service and personalized styling advice because we know you deserve nothing less.

Join Our Journey 🌏

Sis, we want you to be a part of this journey. Come to Blu Jean Blues boutique in Royal Oak, Michigan, and explore the collections we've carefully curated for you. Find pieces that speak to your soul and join a sisterhood that knows the power of our unique beauty.

Thank you for choosing Blu Jean Blues boutique as your fashion destination in Royal Oak, Michigan. Get ready to express your fierce style, grace, and confidence with every outfit.