We Offer Layaway!

Layaway allows you to buy an item using payment installments over time so you can buy everything on your wishlist even when you don't have all the funds available or

You will have 30 days to pay the balance and the item will be sent to you after the final payment is complete.

Disguise big payments into smaller payments. 

How it works.

Shopping Blu Jean Blues with layaway has never been easier, anywhere on earth! Shop around and add an item to your cart as you normally would. During checkout, in the "Cart Summary", you'll find a layaway option “PUT IT ON LAY-BUY”.

  1. Click the "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY?" checkbox.
  2. After clicking "Complete order", you will be redirected to PUT IT ON LAY-BUY to complete your purchase securely
  3. Enter your down payment of either 40%-50%.
  4. Select the duration. 1 month is mandatory duration at this moment.
  5. Review your plan terms.
  6. Accept the layaway terms (A NON-REFUNDABLE 1.9% admin fee is payable to Lay-Buys.)
  7. Proceed to normal checkout by selecting “PUT IT ON LAY-BUY”.
  8. Once Item(s) are paid...Your layaway will ship out the next business day.

How often can I pay?

  • Lay-Buy payments are all automated via a recurring profile, set up in PayPal, so the final payment will be set up to be paid from your linked card 30 days from order placement date.
  • You will NOT be able to make manual payments towards your order. Customers can, however, login to their PayPal account and review your payment plan.

Additional payments can be made anytime during per request. Please email us at 

  • You can settle your outstanding balance at any time, just send us a request via email We will then revise your payment plan and you would receive an email with a link to settle your outstanding balance.

You will receive an email confirmation and reminders about submitting future payments before your due date from PayPal.

ALL LAYAWAYS ARE FINAL SALE!  No exchange or substitutions are allowed once completed.  NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Anyone who cancels layaway before last payment will forfeit all DEPOSITS!